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Friday, June 30th – LOUIS ARMAND space and BAR area

A VIP Cocktail will start this evening from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on level 3, Louis Armand area. VIP invitations will be given to various leHACK contributors, Hackerzvoice contributors, and HZV members.

From 7:45pm to 10:00pm The Crashparty will be animated by 2 music groups on Level 2, BAR area.

This party will attempt to remind you the values of the HZV and NDH communities all over the past years.

This party is mostly intended to become a tribute to CrashFR of his masterpiece.

Last News

Call for Papers has ended!

We received a large number of submissions, bear with us while we’re scooping across the stack!
We’ll update you on your submission status ASAP!

Thank you!


Early Birds had been raffled!

STANDARD TICKETS are still available but flying away, quick!


leHACK 2024 CFP is opened!

For the 20th year, leHACK will host a prestigious talk lineup.

Wether you are a security researcher, a hacker,a freak, or a unicorn, you can come on stage and share your unique knowledge with your pairs.

If you want to submit a talk for leHACK 2024, RTFM